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The Art of Being an Effective Chairperson

25 May 2022

10:00 - 15:30

The Landmark Hotel and Leisure Club, Kingsway West, Dundee, DD2 5JT

This workshop is designed for both vice-chairs and for current chairman looking to improve their skills and knowledge on best practice with regards to the role of the chairperson.  The role and importance of co-op businesses in agriculture is increasing and becoming more complex, so the role of the chairperson is ever more demanding.  It is imperative that they develop the skills and knowledge to meet the challenge of ensuring effective board governance and professional board practices.

The chairperson’s role is different from other directors.  Ultimately, the chair leads the board and is responsible for its effectiveness.  The chairperson is also the primary link with the senior management in the co-op. They ensure that the co-op delivers on its obligations to members in governance, communications and performance, and to staff, creditors, and the wider community.  The chairperson is a demanding role and arguably the single most important factor for the future success of the co-op.

The purpose of the workshop is to strengthen the understanding of the responsibilities of the chairperson, the pivotal role they play in ensuring board effectiveness and the factors that contribute to a high performing Board. There will be a mix of information briefings and group discussions that deal with the chairperson’s role and responsibilities, the behavioural dynamics of the board, and the skills required by successful chairperson. Too often the training in the art of leading a board and chairing a meeting is left to chance or learning by observing others.

An important element of the workshop is the involvement of a guest speaker, Gareth Baird, who will share his experiences on what it takes to be a successful chairperson.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the workshop participants should be able to:

1.       Define and explain the key role and responsibilities of the chair in successfully leading and chairing a board

2.       Understand what makes a good chair

3.       Appreciate how to compose and develop an effective board

4.       Understand the importance of director behaviours and how to deal with a disruptive director

5.       Plan and run effective board meetings, appreciate the importance of good governance practices

6.       Understand the skills and personal qualities most likely to help achieve competence in the role

The workshop facilitators are James Graham former CEO, SAOS and Robert Logan, Co-op Development Manager, SAOS.

Participant numbers are strictly limited so early booking is advisable.

The cost to atned the workshop is £75 for SAOS members and £150 for on-members

 Allison Watson on allison.watson@saos.coop Tel 07548 215669