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Understanding Co-operative Finance and Accounts

25 October 2023

The Landmark Hotel and Leisure Club, Kingsway West, Dundee, DD2 5JT

For directors and managers from a non financial background, understanding finance and accounts can be a real challenge. Despite this, you may regularly be faced with situations where this knowledge is required and taken for granted when asked to make or support decisions as a board member.

Led by SAOS Deputy Chief Executive, Bob Yuill, this course will equip directors with the knowledge and skills to understand and assess key financial concepts, terminology and reports and will provide participants with the ability to confidently evaluate the financial position of their own organisation. It will give non-financial directors the confidence to better scrutinise financial reports and challenge finance professionals in a positive and constructive way.

You will leave with a better understanding of financial strategy planning and understand the importance of monitoring financial trends e.g., the juxtapose between available cash, borrowings, stock, creditors and debtors.

Bob Yuill's Bio

Bob is deputy CEO of SAOS and Managing Director of ScotEID which designs and manages the registration and movement systems for all of Scotland’s livestock on behalf of the industry and Scottish Government.  He is also a board member and treasurer of the Cabrach Trust currently building a new distillery in the heart of illicit whisky country.  Bob has a Masters in Co-op Management (St Mary’s University Halifax Canada) and a Diploma in Company Direction (Institute of Directors).  From a family of dairy farmers and tomato growers Bob’s career has been spent in agriculture and with Scotland’s farm co-ops.

Who should attend?

New directors and directors who haven’t undertaken this training in the past five years, co-op managers, assistant managers, and other interested staff.

"very good open discussions which helped me understand the different and varied aspects of accounting and accounts"

(former participating director)

Workshop topics include how to:

  • Review and assess the financial health and position of your co-op
  • Analyse, interpret and evaluate key financial data and reports
  • Understand more about financial strategy
  • Further develop the role you can play in setting budgets and developing your organisation's financial strategy

Learning outcomes

  • How to read, interpret and question financial proposals, business plans, projections and reports
  • Improved understanding of the financial challenges within the business environment
  • How to identify and make use of the financial information most relevant to any decision
  • Improved understanding of the language and terminology used in talking with colleagues and others in financial roles

Cost:         SAOS members - £200 + VAT, non-members £250 + VAT

Contact:    E allison.watson@saos.coop          M 07548215669