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Webinar: Decarbonising Scottish Malting Barley

23 March 2023

Thursday 23 March - 7.30pm

Free online webinar

The Scotch whisky industry has set ambitious targets to get to net zero whisky by 2040. Studies show 37% of the GHG emissions attributed to a bottle of malt whisky comes from the production of barley on-farm. This will require farmers to play their part and drastically cut their emissions associated with barley production – the question is how?

This webinar will share the results and learning from a recent KTIF-funded project looking at the carbon footprint to produce a tonne of malting barley, the variation across a wide range of different soil types, farm systems and management practices (16 pilot farms), the sources of emissions, and potential mitigation actions.

This webinar is aimed at farmer growers, agronomists, the supply trade, maltsters and distillers – anyone with an interest in malting barley.

Our speakers are:

Robin Barron, General Manager, East of Scotland Farmers Ltd (EoSF)
EoSF is one of the largest and most successful central grain storage and marketing business in Scotland. It has a turnover of £30+m and handles 80-90,000t of grain per year. Robin will present the need for the project and why EoSF and Highland Grain got involved, and what malting barley customers are looking for in the future.

Gavin Dick, independent farm and rural business consultant
Gavin is a well-known independent farm consultant and facilitator. Gavin will share the results from the carbon audits benchmarking exercise on the 16 pilot farms, soil health results, the learning to date, and future project plans.

Kaia Waxenberg, Agricultural Systems Modeller, Agrecalc Ltd
Kaia is one of the key modellers at Agrecalc. She will discuss the benefits of measuring a carbon audit, explain the methodology of how its calculated, sources of GHG emissions in farming, the limitations of an audit, mitigation measures, and the new updated Agrecalc v2.

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Funding for this project was made available through the SRDP ‘Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund’ (KTIF), which is funded by the Scottish Government.