About us

SAOS was established in 1905 to strengthen the profitability and effectiveness of Scotland’s farming and rural businesses through co-operation.

What we do

We are Scotland’s experts on farmer co-ops and food industry collaboration. We provide a range of specialist information, development and consultancy services.


We are a development organisation owned by our members. We provide a range of specialist services that our members have requested, that are not available elsewhere. Discover how we can help you.

Scottish Venison Association

SAOS was integral in creating the vision for the Scottish Venison Association.


The Association was formed to oversee and drive the potential to grow the sector and maximise the opportunities identified in Beyond the Glen, the strategy for Scottish Venison.

What are we doing?

The consumer venison market offers a great opportunity for Scottish Venison both domestically and overseas, as well as being a key part of Scotland’s ‘larder’. The Association was formed to raise the profile, increase supply and ultimately have more consumers across the world eating Scottish venison. This, in turn, will deliver higher economic benefits to Scotland, the producers, and the supply chains involved. It will also help contribute to achieving Scotland Food and Drink’s Ambition 2030 target to grow the sector £30 billion per annum.


Creating the Association has provided a focus for development and an established industry leadership group to develop the ‘Beyond the Glen’ sector strategy linked to the Scottish food and drink industry’s Ambition 2030. The Scottish Government endorsed this ambition and has since provided significant funding to allow baseline research to help better understand the UK venison market, its challenges and its commercial opportunities.

How did SAOS help?

SAOS played a pivotal role by

  • chairing the strategy working group independently
  • facilitating discussions between stakeholders
  • providing food supply chain network and sector expertise
  • supporting the establishment of the Association
  • providing secretarial support services
  • leading with the initial market research activities.