About us

SAOS was established in 1905 to strengthen the profitability and effectiveness of Scotland’s farming and rural businesses through co-operation.

What we do

We are Scotland’s experts on farmer co-ops and food industry collaboration. We provide a range of specialist information, development and consultancy services.


We are a development organisation owned by our members. We provide a range of specialist services that our members have requested, that are not available elsewhere. Discover how we can help you.

Our Partnership Projects

We work together to:

  • increase production and process efficiencies
  • address the consumer and sustainability challenges
  • deploy data, insights and technology expertise
  • create scale
  • deliver world-class supply chain solutions that build the enviable reputation of Scotland as the ‘Land of Food and Drink’.


The Market Driven Supply Chain Project (MDSC), led by the SAOS Supply Chain Team, helps unlock some of the biggest and most lucrative market opportunities for the Scottish food and drink sector. With unique specialist supply chain expertise and practical insight to the routes to market, the project team can help sectors and businesses achieve their growth objectives.

MDSC Website

Connect Local

A free, advisory service for the local Scottish food and drink sector. It is delivered by a team of experts from SAC, SAOS, Scotland Food & Drink and Seafood Scotland, and funded by the Scottish Government and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

ConnectLocal website

Rural Innovation Support Service

RISS helps farmers, foresters and crofters find practical, sustainable and innovative solutions to everyday challenges affecting their businesses. If an idea is practical and sustainable, RISS will provide a facilitator to help from across one of the services partner organisations: Soil Association Scotland, SAOS, SAC Consulting, Innovative Farmers and Scotland Food & Drink.

RISS Website

Scotland Food & Drink

Working with Scotland Food & Drink, SAOS has been instrumental in helping develop and deliver new strategies for both emerging and traditional food and drink sectors in Scotland. The aim is to establish clarity in direction, purpose and goals for the development of each sector, and ensure individual companies can achieve the benefits of scale as part of a larger group. Ultimately, the process will help achieve faster and sustained economic growth. Strategies developed or supported to date include venison, dairy, fruit, vegetables and potatoes, and the pig sectors.

Scotland Food & Drink website