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With support and funding from the Scottish Government, the project aims to gather data on a range of activity areas including soils, woodland, livestock and renewable energy, to record and convey the positive contribution of Scottish farms and crofts in capturing carbon and mitigating climate change.

Together with the James Hutton Institute and Forest Research, we are gathering data on carbon sequestration to get a picture at a national and individual farm level of the carbon that is stored and being managed on-farm.

The project will also provide the opportunity for renewable energy to be captured and has begun the scoping phase to incorporate natural capital activities and measures. These will include clean air, clean water, biodiversity and recreational value such as the wellbeing factor that access to the
countryside provides.

Member co-op ANM Group is involved in the livestock element of the project, the Livestock Performance Programme, where a Performance Dashboard concept is being tested with Farm Profit Programme farmers. This will give livestock producers access to a tailored range of data from their herd, such as calving interval and age at slaughter, to help them identify areas for improvement and greater performance and environmental efficiency.

CarbonPositive will become a national online platform for the farming industry and give producers the information they need to counter negative opinions and publicity around agriculture and climate change.

It will:

  • Position farmers as a key part of the solution to be celebrated
  • Focus on driving positive change on farm
  • Work towards achieving a greater understanding of agriculture and climate change

For further information on the CarbonPositive Pilot see www.carbonpositive.scot