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Scotland’s experts on farmer co-ops and food industry collaboration, we work with food and farming businesses to make them more profitable, competitive, and sustainable - working together to shape the future, today. #workingtogether we grow

What we do

All of SAOS's work centres on facilitating farmers and food and drink businesses to work together effectively. Over the years we've also developed several subsidiary businesses - getting the right people together and making innovative advancements to help benefit the entire food and farming industry and rural Scotland.

Events & Training

Developing staff capability is one of the most effective ways to improve a co-op’s performance. Check out our events and training programme - most of which are open to non co-op members too.


As a development organisation, owned by our members, we provide a range of specialist services not available elsewhere, to assist them in developing their people and their businesses. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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See below for all the latest news, views and updates from us here at SAOS. Find all our latest videos on YouTube at: SAOS - working together in food and farming

Scottish farmers produce quality beef and lamb from the grass and rough grazing which make up around 80% of Scotland’s agricultural land which is not suitable for cereal, fruit or vegetable production. Scotland’s grassland acts as a carbon sink and grazing animals provide habitats for wildlife and help to maintain the landscape.

How do we help?

Many of our workstreams are focused on helping our members and the wider Scottish agricultural community towards a more sustainable future. Our key focus areas - co-operation, supply chains, technology, data, and collaboration - are all integral to smarter, more efficient and sustainable farming.

What are SAOS Members Doing?

Many of SAOS’s member co‑ops are working hard to mitigate their impact on the environment. In a host of different ways they and their members are leading the way for Scottish agriculture, pushing forward to drive positive change and helping position farmers as a key part of the climate change solution.

You can read about some of their actions and impacts in the case studies below.

Key contacts

Emma Patterson Taylor

Emma Patterson Taylor

Emma Patterson Taylor

Climate Change and Sustainability Manager

07502 339307 | emma@saos.coop