About us

SAOS was established in 1905 to strengthen the profitability and effectiveness of Scotland’s farming and rural businesses through co-operation.

What we do

We are Scotland’s experts on farmer co-ops and food industry collaboration. We provide a range of specialist information, development and consultancy services.


We are a development organisation owned by our members. We provide a range of specialist services that our members have requested, that are not available elsewhere. Discover how we can help you.

About Co-ops

Co-ops are run by, and for, the members, to realise economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations that they share. Co-op members share equal voting rights regardless of the amount of capital they put into the enterprise.

SAOS itself is a co-op, owned by our member co-op businesses across Scotland. We’ve set up and worked with Scotland’s farming and rural co-ops since 1905.

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Discover our co-op principles.