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Scotland’s experts on farmer co-ops and food industry collaboration, we provide a range of specialist information and development services to help businesses work together more effectively. #workingtogether we grow

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Now more than ever, it’s vital for farmers and food and drink businesses to work together more effectively - all of SAOS’s work centres on facilitating this.

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As a development organisation, owned by our members, we provide a range of specialist services not available elsewhere, to assist them in developing their people and their businesses. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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Network and Partnership Building

Building networks and partnerships is at the core of what we do, as we believe that working together is the best way to tackle many of the major issues we face. We help facilitate the formation of co-ops, as well as more informal collaborative groups and networks, and can support these groups with the development of strategies and action plans, helping develop shared goals. Here are just some examples of the range of groups and networks we currently facilitate. 

Flowers Grown in Scotland Group

This group was initially brought together through the Rural Innovation Support Service (RISS) and facilitated by SAOS. On completion of support through RISS, and with additional funding through the Collaborative Group Fund, we continued to work with the growers to create a communication plan and develop guidelines for their own brand marque and the Flowers Grown in Scotland website.


Scottish Apple Producers Group (SAP)

SAP first came together to discuss the future for the apple sector in Scotland in 2016. Its aim was to discuss the feasibility of rejuvenating commercial orchards to offer opportunities for good farm management, reducing Scotland’s carbon footprint and  providing new income for farmers.

In 2019 the group was successful in receiving support from the RISS and SAOS worked with the producers to gather research and insight and develop R&D opportunities for both growing and processing.

The group is exploring the best approaches to harness the wider sector’s knowledge whilst also reaching out to other experts in support of re-establishing Scottish apples as a key product in the Scottish food and drink offering. 


The Cultivating Collaboration Network (C2N)

The C2Network has been developed by SAOS to build on the power of co-ops to drive positive change in the primary agriculture sector through the building of broader, cross - sector, collaborative partnerships. Now in its second year, the network brings together co-op members, industry organisations, academic institutions, technical and data providers to help enable change at a national level.

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Patricia Rojas Bonzi

Patricia Rojas Bonzi

Patricia Rojas Bonzi

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