About us

SAOS was established in 1905 to strengthen the profitability and effectiveness of Scotland’s farming and rural businesses through co-operation.

What we do

We are Scotland’s experts on farmer co-ops and food industry collaboration. We provide a range of specialist information, development and consultancy services.


We are a development organisation owned by our members. We provide a range of specialist services that our members have requested, that are not available elsewhere. Discover how we can help you.

How do we help?

At SAOS we like a challenge. Some of the best ideas come from problems or challenges, and we like nothing better than finding a solution. SmartRural and ScotEID are great examples of how we do this, and we’re always looking for new opportunities.


Through SmartRural, SAOS has initiated a nationwide project that will help farmers capture and access data to help make better decisions and improve business returns.

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The ScotEID database provides real-time tracing data of farm livestock through their supply chains, until the point when they enter the food chain.

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