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Now more than ever, it’s vital for farmers and food and drink businesses to work together more effectively - all of SAOS’s work centres on facilitating this.


We are a development organisation owned by our members. We provide a range of specialist services that are not available elsewhere, to assist our members by developing their people and their businessses. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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We've created a 'Best Bits' edit from our Climate Change on_FARM podcast series - hear it here!

27 May 2021

Our 'best bits' from our Climate Change on_FARM podcasts does what it says on the tin. There have been lots of great soundbites in all five of our podcasts focusing on Climate Change, so editing this wasn't easy. If you've not heard the other episodes, hopefully you'll want to hear more - all the links with topic headings and who is featured are listed below.

Click on the logo to listen to our 'Best Bits' mix

And if you've not already heard them, listen to them all:

Click to listen to Part 1 here

Farmers and food producers are often portrayed as villains on climate change. While there's work to do, many positive stories go untold. In the first of our climate change podcasts, Anna Davies is joined by:

Tim Bailey - SAOS Chief Executive
Emma Patterson Taylor - SAOS’s lead on climate change and sustainability.
Angela Porchez of the fruit growers co-op, Angus Growers
Jonny Williams from meat marketing co-op Farm Stock (Scotland) Ltd

Click to listen to Part 2 here  

Scotland's target is to have net zero carbon emissions by 2045. How can the supply chains to Scottish food and drink businesses be made more climate-friendly? In part 2 in our CC series, Anna hears about some great work already underway from:

Robert Logan - SAOS project manager focusing on climate change
Gary Catto - Chief Exec of Highland Grain malting barley cooperative
Andy McGowan - SAOS Board Member and MD of Scottish Pig Producers co-op

Click to listen to Part 3 here

Climate-friendly farming can be a more efficient and profitable way to run your business - that's the key message of episode 3. Anna hears about some of the various ways this can be/has been done from:

Mark Clark - SAOS Chairman and MD of Grampian Growers
Andrew Moir - Contract farmer and Chairman Scottish Quality Crops, Andrew also heads up the Climate Change Group for Arable and Horticulture
Rory Christie - SAOS Board Member and Chairman of the Milk Suppliers Association

Click to listen to Part 4 here

Climate change has brought with it more unpredictable weather patterns and resultant upheaval for Scottish farmers. In episode 4, Anna hears about measures that can be taken to help cope with the effects of unpredictable weather, and even to reap potential benefits.

David Aglen - who farms livestock, vegetables and combinable crops in Fife
Graham Lofthouse - a livestock farmer in the Borders, and member of Borders Machinery Ring
George Noble - SAOS project manager who works primarily on our data and digital projects, based in Fraserburgh.

Click to listen to Part 5 here

The last of our Climate Change podcasts hears how effective leadership by co-ops is encouraging and helping farmer members to engage and help mitigate towards climate change. In this episode, Anna Davies speaks with:

Mark Brooking - Sustainability Director for dairy farmers' co-operative First Milk
Tim Wilson - CEO of supply co-op Aspatria Farmers
Jim Booth - SAOS's Head of Co-op Development

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