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My Herd Stats is now live!

13 February 2023

MyHerdStats - helping to improve the sustainability of beef production in Scotland.

MyHerdStats has been developed by ScotEID using statutory cattle registration and movement data to provide cattle keepers with a consistent and accurate insight into their herd performance.

MyHerdStats is operated by ScotEID, on behalf of the industry, and supported by Scottish Government. It is an online tool that securely presents herd management information, within the ScotEID login, to all Scottish suckler beef cattle herds.

All data that relates to each Scottish cattle herd was moved from BCMS into ScotEID in October 2021. With this information now available, MyHerdStats automatically generates insights and trends into each herd’s performance through a series of charts and tables.

Cattle keepers now have easy access to a range of herd data insights into both performance and any year-on-year herd variability, to highlight areas of opportunity for further improvement.

Regardless of the system of production, there are a few common features that make both commercial and environmental sense. These are:

  • Improved fertility

  • Improved growth rates

  • Reducing the number of unproductive stock and

  • Lowering morbidity and mortalities through better health and welfare.

MyHerdStats offers insight to these performance indicators whilst helping to quantify positive change over time. Informed and data led management decisions will improve technical performance and could play a role in continued support payments.


Find out more at: MyHerdStats Information Guide - ScotEID Library (dozuki.com)

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