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SAOS Staff Forum Group Embraces New Normal

27 April 2020

SAOS's Anna Robertson shares some insights from last week's staff forum group meeting.

"During these unprecedented times it’s important for us all to continue talking, whether it be by email, phone or video call.

Last week, the North Staff Forum group 'met', with five co-op staff members, representing five co-ops, joining Emma and me remotely from the comfort of their homes.

The group is all about sharing and learning and that was  stillvery much the case as everyone spoke about the successes and challenges they had encountered over the last three months.

Covid-19 was of course the main topic of conversation, and specifically how adjusting to working from home can take some time. It was a really worthwhile meeting, so much so that the group plan to meet again online next month. Here are some of the key #WFM messages that we came to:

  • Remember to take regular breaks… we aren’t designed, and it isn’t healthy, to sit in front of a screen all day.
  • It’s okay not to be okay…if you’re having a wobble, stop for a cuppa and take a deep breath, it’s important to be kind to yourself particularly at the moment.
  • Pick up the phone – it’s extremely likely your work colleagues will be just as happy to hear from you as you are them.
  • Consider training opportunities which may be of relevance to your work or personal life, or just something you fancy learning more about.

On the last point, Grampian Growers' employee Claire Dyce introduced the group to free online course platform ‘Future Learn’ https://www.futurelearn.com/ where they encourage you to “keep learning, wherever you are”.

Now is the time to strengthen all our communication channels and embrace technology – if the North Staff Forum can do it, so can you!"


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